W3C XML Encryption WG

Chair: Joseph Reagle
Note Taker: Joseph Reagle [text]



Status of documents

Reviewing Previous Items

  1. Eastlake: add real life examples in section 5.5 to illustrate.

    Pending. Open for re-assignment.

  2. Action Hughes: (XML Encryption Processing Model) Will investigate and send an email on Xerces implementation using XNI, or DOM when processing Element or Element Content.


  3. ACTION Reagle: add warning text on this point if it doesn't already exist, "decrypted content may not be well-formed XML."

    REDIRECT: Chrisitan will provide some text since he's best aware of the source of confusion.

  4. ACTION Eastlake: Edit section 5.5 . "Is it possible to change the order of the input to KM so that it will look like:"
  5. ACTION Dillway: consider Key threshold schemes on top of KeyInfo in one week.
  6. ACTION Simon: send email to a list exploring scenario of Rivest's "what you retrieve is what you intended to retrieve."
  7. ACTION Eastlake: tweak the c14n in section 5, include exclusive canonicalization as an algorithm.
  8. ACTION Eastlake.I want it fixed that 168 bit keys are transported in 192 bit form, that's all.
  9. ACTION Reagle: change to a child element, cc: Merlin/Takeshi to see if they oppose.
  10. Section 3.5: The ReferenceList Element In the schema definition, why not use <choice> rather than <sequence>?

    ACTION Reagle: change to choice.