92.06.11 RC, TBL

Summary of HTTP 0.9

The current version of HTTP can be summed up as follows: Note that if responses from the server are encoded into HTML tags, then HTTP is very asymmetric: the command GET is not in HTML. [Yes, but this is part of HTTP not HTML as you point out - TBL]


There is nothing other than HTML marked up text coming out of a server

The browser does not know whether a server serves an index or a set of hypertext documents.


There is no lexical distinction between what constitutes HTTP information, document contents, document kind.

In particular, error messages are returned as documents and may or may not be ignored by the user.

Good Characteristics

Both browsers and servers silently ignore things they cannot handle: This should be carefully kept: it means the user is not annoyed by messages he should not have to deal with (I am always thinking of the innocent, naive user who just happens to use WWW, not somebody hacking unix programs in C)