Decision tree demo for chunk rules

This page uses Cognitive AI for a demo of decision trees implemented as chunk rules, and inspired by a tutorial for ID3. The aim is to decide whether to play a round of golf based upon today's weather. A future demo will show how such decision trees can be induced from examples that potentially include some errors. A separate rule is needed for each arrow shown in the decision tree diagram. See more information on chunks and rules.

decision tree

The demo starts by setting a goal chunk describing the weather. This is randomly initialised to make it a little more interesting. The rule for the initial goal considers the weather outlook. If it is sunny, rules are used to consider the humidity. If it is rainy, other rules consider whether it is too windy for play to be enjoyable. The decision is written to the output module. Note that this demo doesn't use the facts module.

Press Start to initiate/restart the demo, and then Next to execute a single step. Each time you click start, you will get a random outlook, so keep trying to explore the consequences!

Execute rules, one at a time:


Goal buffer:

Rule applied:


Rules graph:

Dave Raggett <>

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