W3C httpd install

Direct WAIS Support in W3C httpd

httpd 3.0pre4 and newer can do direct WAIS lookups when it's running as a proxy server for wais: URL's, if it has been compiled with the freeWAIS-0.3 library.

  1. Get the freeWAIS-0.3 distribution (or newer) from ftp://ftp.cnidr.org/pub/NIDR.tools/freewais
  2. Unpack the distribution in the same directory as you unpack the httpd distribution (so that the freeWAIS directory goes into the same directory as WWW.
  3. Build the freeWAIS library by going to freeWAIS and typing make.
  4. Uncomment the lines setting WAIS related variables in your platform specific makefile in WWW/All/XXX/Makefile.include, where XXX is your machine architecture.
  5. Rebuild the entire WWW software, i.e. if you have already compiled it before without WAIS support make sure you delete all the object files by saying in the WWW directory:
            make clean
    Then rebuild everything:
  6. Now all you need to do is set the wais_proxy environment variable for your client software, and off you go!

httpd@w3.org, July 1995