Document Object Model (DOM) Conformance Test Suites


The DOM Test Suites (DOM TS) will consist of a number of tests for each level of the DOM specification. The tests will be represented in an XML grammar which ensures that tests can easily be ported from the description format to a number of specific language bindings. This grammar will be specified in XML Schema and DTD form. The grammar will be automatically generated from the DOM specifications themselves, to ensure stability and correctness.

The DOM TS will consist of a number of tests in this XML representation language, plus the XSLT stylesheets necessary to generate the Java and ECMA Script bindings, plus of course the generated code. XSLT stylesheets for other languages will also exist for download but will not form part of the DOM TS Core.

Implementors are encouraged to write a harness around these tests to test their implementation for DOM conformance. The DOM TS will consist of one such harness to run the ECMA tests.

This Document

This document serves as a first point of information for all interested parties. A general account of current activities, finalized work, and pointers to further information is given. In the sections below, you will be able to get a good view of the status of the DOM TS, and if you are interested in something in particular you are invited to follow the appropriate link given below.


DOM Module Java
(run the tests)
Level 1 Core 20040405 20040405
Level 2 Core 20040405 20040405
Level 2 HTML 20040405 20040405
Level 3 Core 20040405
Level 3 Load and Save 20040405 20040405
Level 3 Validation 20040405 N/A

Note: Java test files are standalone. Copy the Jar file in the same directory as your implementation, and start the tests by using java -jar <dom-test.jar>.


The development of the DOM TS will be in accordance with the DOM Conformance Test Suite Process Document.

There is also a FAQ for the DOM TS. Please visit this page if this is your first visit and you want to gather basic information.

Consult the build document if you wish to build the DOM TS.

For information on how to write tests and what our DOM TS ML schemata look like, consult this document.

There is a document with pointers to information about implementations that have been tested using the DOM TS.

Meetings and telephone conferences

We use the mailing list for developing the DOM TS. However, we've also had telephone conferences to resolve some issues. Please read the minutes from the first and the second telephone conference.

Source files and CVS

We are using the W3C public CVS for storing and tracking our source files. The project is called DOM-Test-Suite.

What's currently going on?


For an up to date view of what is being done, visit the DOM TS CVS repository.

For details, see the mailing list.

Would you like to participate?

Anyone who is interested in participating in this public framework is welcome. Please feel free to join our mailing list (see below) or send a mail to the W3C DOM WG representative to the DOM Conformance Test Suite.

General Mailing List

The W3C DOM Conformance Test Suites has its own mailing list. This forms the primary platform for discussing issues regarding the DOM TS. Here you will also find the archives.

Mailing List for submitting tests

Submission of tests is done by sending an email to the www-dom-ts-submission mailing list. On doing this, you will be notified that your submission will be accepted granted that you accept a copyright statement (which is what you will receive when submitting tests throught the list).


The DOM TS was jointly launched by the W3C and NIST. It is, however, a publically developed and open framework. Reaching the point of being able to finalize and release the DOM TS would not have been possible were it not for the contribution from several people in the developer community, especially Curt Arnold and Fred Drake.

Mary Brady, NIST representative
Philippe Le Hégaret, DOM Activity Lead