W3C Intellectual Property Rights

Version 1.0: June 1, 1996


At the January 1996 W3C Advisory Committee meeting a number of members expressed interest in having W3C work with them to address issues of protecting intellectual property on the Internet. W3C agreed to address the issue as soon as possible.


  1. W3C must identify the significant stake holders in this particularly complex area.
  2. The problem is far too large to be addressed in its entirety in any single forum. Like the security and electronic commerce areas, W3C must work with its members to identify the parts of the problem that can be helped by W3C involvement.

Current Situation


Next Step

W3C has identified a research project at MIT with whom to work on this area. They are working closely with the sources of a significant amount of valuable intellectual property and have asked W3C to work with them to make it available on the Internet. W3C will meet with the research group before the June, 1996 Advisory Committee meeting to see if a joint project is truly feasible. If so, W3C will arrange a joint meeting of W3C member representatives, W3C staff, research group staff, and other interested parties.

Public Commitments

W3C's only commitment is to work in this area.

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