World Wide Web Consortium Process Document

On 1 August 2014, W3C began a transition away from this document; see the current W3C Process Document.

This document describes the processes that govern the operation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the relationships between W3C Members, the W3C Team, and the general public. This version of the Process Document was made available to the Advisory Committee on 1 November 1999 and to the general public on 11 November 1999.

This document was initially prepared by the Process Working Group (WG) of the World Wide Web Consortium.

A list of changes to this document is available online.

This document is available in the following formats: a single HTML file, a PostScript file, a PDF file, a plain text file, a self-contained gzipped tar archive, or a self-contained zip archive.

W3C Members who have comments about this document should consult the Member guide for information about Process Document feedback. Comments from the Team should be sent to the appropriate Team mailing list. If you're not a Member, please refer to "About the W3C" at the W3C Web site for Membership information.

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