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Role and Structure of W3C Offices

09 Aug 2005

Ivan Herman, W3C

Role and Structure of W3C Offices

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Table of Contents:

  1. Some history
  2. W3C-LA Project
  3. W3C-LA results
  4. Further expansion
  5. A World Wide Consortium...
  6. Offices’ motto
  7. Offices: why?
  8. Offices: where?
  9. Role of offices
  10. Hosts and Offices
  11. Office hosting institutions
  12. Office activities in practice
  13. Office activities in practice (cont.)
  14. Mechanics
  15. Finances
  16. Further Information

Some history

W3C-LA Project

W3C-LA results

Office Programme history with membership tables

Further expansion

A World Wide Consortium...

The globe with the W3C hosts and offices

Offices’ motto

“To promote adoption of W3C recommendations among developers, application builders, and standards setters, and to encourage inclusion of stakeholder organizations in the creation of future recommendations by joining W3C”

Offices: why?

Offices: where?

Role of offices

Hosts and Offices

Office hosting institutions

Office activities in practice

Office activities in practice (cont.)



Further Information

More information about W3C
Local W3C Offices
Head of Offices’ address: