Contribution of Software or Test Materials to W3C®

How to Make a Contribution

Copy the text below, filling in your name, address, etc., and the description of the materials, and how they can be accessed, as indicated. Then send it by email to the following address:

You will be contacted to confirm your contribution before it is included in the test collection.

1. The Contributor

Name:    _____________________________ [The Contributor]
Address: _____________________________
Phone:   _____________________________
E-mail:  _____________________________

2. The Contribution

The Contributor hereby makes certain materials, as described below (the 'Materials'), available for use in supporting the World Wide Web Consortium ('W3C'®). The Contributor hereby grants to MIT, ERCIM, and Keio (the "W3C Hosts") a perpetual, nonexclusive, royalty-free, world-wide right and license to use, copy, modify, create derivatives of and distribute the Materials, in whole or in part, solely in connection with the W3C, and to allow others to do the same. W3C Hosts will publish and distribute the Materials, or any modifications or derivatives thereof, pursuant to the W3C® Software License [1] and/or the W3C® Document License [2] as modified from time to time.

The Contributor represents that she/he has all rights necessary to contribute the Materials, and that use of the Materials as contemplated herein by W3C® Hosts does not violate any copyright, patent, trademark, or contractual obligations.

The Contributor agrees that any derivatives of the Materials created in connection with the W3C shall be owned by the W3C Hosts. Any publication or distribution of the Materials, or any derivative thereof, will retain attribution of authorship to the Contributor. Whenever modifications are made to the Materials, this fact, and the nature of the modifications, will be clearly identified in the distributed version thereof. The W3C Hosts make no commitment to support or distribute the Materials.

3. The Materials

The materials covered by this agreement are as follows:

[Please fill in here]

The materials contribute to the following software or test collection:

[Please fill in here]

As granted above, the grant is made with respect to the:

[Select one:
 W3C Document License and W3C Software License
 W3C Document License
 W3C Software License

They are available for access via the following method:

[Please fill in here]

4. The Licenses

The versions of the licenses that were active during this contribution were:

[1] The W3C® Software License may be found at

[2] The W3C® Document License may be found at

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