Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Panel8: Data Protection and Respect of Privacy on the Internet

Thursday 9 May, 1996 - 11:30-13:00

Panel Chair

Louise Cadoux, vice-president of the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (France) and member of the Information Society Forum (European Union)

Panel Report

Panel Members

Brief Outline

The session is motivated by the questions which both applications designers and users of the Internet, even ordinary citizens, are asking themselves on the risks arising for privacy from the operating conditions of this network, particularly when these conditions allow the processing of information of a personal nature.

Among the principles for protecting personal data highlighted by the national, regional and international texts, the most relevant within the context of the Internet relate, in particular, to the fairness of the collection and processing of these data, the information provides to individuals with regard to the use of information concerning them, even potential use, and the security and confidentiality of these data. One means for protecting privacy is, of course, to collect personal identification data only when absolutely necessary. Anonymity is a radical means for protecting privacy.

The panel members of the round table are assigned responsibilities in the field of protection of personal data at the national level, in Europe and on the American continent. They are also taking part in international work in this field.

They intend to share their experience and the reflections arising from it with the participants at the session, whilst dealing successively with the following questions:

The session will benefit from English/French simultaneous interpreting.

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