Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Organizing Committee

General Chairman
Jean-François Abramatic - France

Programme Chairman
Bob Hopgood - United Kingdom

Awards Chairman
Robert Cailliau - Switzerland

Tutorials Chairman
Stavros Macrakis - USA

Workshops Chairman
Patrick Duval - France

Developer's Day Chairman
Hakon Lie - France

Business on the Web Chairman
Paul Timmers - European Commission

Panels Chairman
David Duce - United Kingdom

Posters Chairman
Ken Robinson - United Kingdom

MBone Chairman
Jaromir Likavec - Germany

Conference Manager
Yves Peynaud - France

Conference Secretariat
Josiane Roberts - France

Logistics and Exhibition
Xavier Leroy - France

EC Liaison
Jean-Pierre Euzen - European Commission

IW3C2 Liaison
Barbara Kucera - USA

Catherine Chat, Laurent Feuillet - France

Review Software
Jason Mathews - USA

Registration Software
Gilles Missonnier - France

Graphics Designer
Georges Ouanounou - France

Mark Eligh, Jan Kastelein - Netherlands

Annick Theis-Viemont, Marie-Claude Sance - France

Volunteers Programme
Barbara Kucera, Sylvia Fry - USA

Computer Equipment
Bernard Martin, Louis Audoire - France

Network Connection
Georges Aziza, Denis Joiret - France

MBone Management
Tie Liao, Christian Donot - France

Created: 15 April 1996
Last updated: 15 April 1996