Call for Papers

* Closed 17 July 1995 *

Note: All technical papers have been received. No further papers will be accepted.

Fourth International World Wide Web Conference

``The Web Revolution''

December 11-14, 1995,
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Organized by:
MIT-Laboratory for Computer Science and OSF Research Institute
General Co Chairs
Ira Goldstein, OSF-RI
Albert Vezza, MIT-LCS
Technical Program Committee
Tim Berners-Lee, Chair, MIT-LCS
Jean Francois Abramatic, INRIA
Robert Cailliau, CERN
Dave Clark, MIT-LCS
Dale Dougherty, O'Reilly and Associates
Ira Goldstein, OSF-RI
Thomas Greene, MIT-LCS
Joseph Hardin, NCSA
Russ Jones, DEC
Dan Kalikow, DEC
Tim Krauskopf, Spyglass Inc.
Detlef Kromker, IGD
Barbara Kucera, NCSA
Larry Masinter, XEROX
Corinne Morre, UNIFORM
Dave Raggett, HP
R.P.C.Rodgers, National Library of Medicine
Yuri Rubinsky, SoftQuad
Tony Rutkowski,Internet Society
Michael Schwartz, University of Colorado, Boulder
Karen Sollins, MIT-LCS
Stuart Weibel, OCLC
Albert Vezza, MIT-LCS
Mary Ellen Zurko, OSF-RI
Local Organizing Committee Co Chairs
Thomas Greene, MIT-LCS
Jackie Stewart, OSF-RI

The objective of this conference is to provide an effective and established forum for the discussion and dissemination of original and fundamental recent advances in W3 technology. Its objective is to bring together leading researchers and developers in a wide variety of areas concerned with W3 technology and applications.

Important Dates

(These dates assume traditional review methods resulting in printed proceedings at the conference.)

Paper deadline

Technical Paper submission deadline: July 17, 1995
(Papers must be complete for review with all references, figures etc.)
Notification of acceptance: September 4, 1995
(Reviewers may suggest modifications.)
Versions incorporating reviewers modifications due: October 9, 1995

Workshops and Tutorials

Proposal Submission deadline: July 3, 1995

Notification of acceptance of Tutorial and Workshop Proposals: September 11, 1995

Scope of conference

The primary focus of the conference is on new, original research results and on innovative technology related to the World Wide Web. Of particular interest is protocol definition and development, tools for creation of web material, tools for management of web resources, ideas and concepts for fault tolerance, and evaluation of Web browsers and interfaces. We solicit the submission of papers that address novel, challenging and innovative ideas, concepts or systems, reports on real experiments with concrete and quantitative results. We also solicit workshops and tutorials. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas as they relate to WWW:

Paper Submission-Guidelines

In order to submit a paper, please immediately fill out the online form indicating intent to submit. The details on how to proceed (including ftp sites) will be sent to you upon receipt of the form.

Once you receive these instructions and upload your submission, you will be sent a confirmation that your paper is properly submitted and a copyright notice that you must sign and mail back to the committee.

Authors are invited to submit complete and original papers. Papers that may be submitted for consideration include those that have not previously been published in another forum, or are not currently being published or reviewed by another journal or conference. All submitted papers will be refereed for quality, correctness, originality and relevance. The program committee reserves the right to accept a submission as either a paper or poster presentation and the committee may invite panel participation from submitters of papers accepted or not. Of particular interest are papers articulating technical innovation on the foregoing topics. As a guideline, a nominal length for papers is 10 pages single-spaced.

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. In addition, special issues of journals containing outstanding papers from the conference are planned.

Papers intended for publication on the Conference Server and in the Paper-Proceedings shall be submitted by ftp in the following format:

The cover sheet is required for the reviewing process only. It should be HTML only, no formatting other than numbering and paragraphs. This page will not be published.

A State of the Art Report is a survey of an aspect of web technology, usually presented by a recognized person or team working in that technology.

For more information about the conference (as opposed to paper submissions) please review the conference home page: http://www.w3.org/hypertext/Conferences /WWW4/


We are looking for lively discussions between opinionated experts on possibly controversial topics of current interest. If you feel you could facilitate or partake in such a such an event, please mail Dale Dougherty dale@ora.com, who is coordinating panels.

Panelists will have a view which they are not afraid to put forward, while the facilitator will ensure the involvment of panelists and preferably the audience.

Workshops and tutorials

An important part of the conference is the workshop and tutorial program, which focuses on timely research challenges and initiatives. Workshops are round table meetings of leading edge developers. Tutorials are presentations to bring an audience up to speed in an established or new area. If you would like to organize a workshop or present a tutorial, please send your proposal by July 3, 1995 to:

www-workshop@w3.org OR www-tutorial@w3.org

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