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Enhanced Imagemap 2.0: Web Design Advantages Conferred by Parameterization
Victor Boyko, Mark Ginsburg, Tomás Isakowitz

The Web as an Application Interface - The Financial Automated Management Environment
Nancy W. Grady

The Open Forum Project
William I. Wiley

GENERA: A Specification Drive Web/Database Gateway
Stanley Letovsky, Mary B. Berlyn

Citescapes: Supporting Knowledge Construction on the Web
Stuart Moulthrop, Nancy Kaplan

Knowledge Space Assessment via the Web
Nicolas Thiéry, Eric Cosyn, Damien Lauly, Lo-Jen Yu, Jean-Claude Falmagne

Marketing the University Using the Web: Considerations of Content and Appearance
Ellen Taricani

MultiView: A WWW-Based GUI for Navigating Multi-Dimensional Information Spaces
J-F de La Beaujardière, Horace Mitchell, A.Fritz Hasler

A System for Structured Management of Hypermedia Resources for the WWW (Summary)
Kevin Marlowe, Raymond Gates, Catherine Cronin, Donald Randall

Information Collection in a Multi-platform Environment Using the World Wide Web
Elfrieda Harris, Jeremy Jones, Stephen Jovanelly

Advanced Computer-Based Education on the World Wide Web
Patrick W. Brewer, Elizabeth J. Gibson, Ajay Dholakia, Mladen A. Vouk, Donald L. Bitzer

Applying Metadata to the Search Interface: Constructing Effective Local and Distributed Searches of Web-Based Scientific Data
Julia A. Collins, Roland H. Schweitzer

WWW-Based Data Systems for Interactive Manipulation of Science Data
Gary Jason Mathews, Syed S. Towheed

A Comparative Analysis of Web-Based Testing and Evaluation Systems
Elizabeth J. Gibson, Patrick W. Brewer, Ajay Dholakia, Mladen A. Vouk, Donald L. Bitzer

Teaching with the Web: Varied Ways of Learning and an Abundance of Resources
Jerrold Maddox

The POSO Project: Elders Spin the Web
Betsy Campbell

Beyond Publishing: Building a WWW Site and a Community of Learners and Experts
Stacie Cassat, Linn Gerrard

World-Wide Collaborative Databases or The Operative Principles of GAIA
Gene Kan, Michael Leventhal

Radiology "Case of Week" for Professional Self-assessment
Kevin W. McEnery, Steven M. Roth, Calvin Chen

Putting World-Wide Web Interfaces on Fortran Codes-Automatically
Kevin B. Kenny

@ATS: Technical Support through the Web
Ben Johnson

Personalized Information Spaces
Sören Lenman, Henry See


GSV - An Environment for Education and Training using HotJava
Alan Falconer Slater

The Answer Web
Calum Smeaton, Irene Neilson

Concept Classification and Search on Internet Using Machine Learning and Parallel Computing
Hsinchun Chen, Bruce R. Schatz

Using HTML Templates to Abstract Form from Function in CGI Web Applications
George J. Carrette

Stackable Filter HTTP Objects
Yasushi Shinjo

Bulldozer: A WYSIWYG HTML Editor for X Windows
Rick Boykin

WebEdit: Shared Text Editing in a Web Browser
Ken Pier, Eric A. Bier, Ken Fishkin, Maureen Stone

Web Gateway to Real-Time Multimedia Services
Jaripekka Salminen, Sami Tikka, Antti Ylä-Jääski

W3Gate - An E-mail Access to WWW
Manfred Bogen, Guido Hansen, Michael Lenz

Authoring and Delivering Networked Multimedia: Integrating ScriptX with the Web
Jim C. Lai

Building 4GL Applications Using the WWW
Herbert Groiss

Internet Server Applications Programming Interface (ISAPI)
Murali Ramanathan

WInter (Web Internationalization) Abstract
M.T. Carrasco Benitez

Elements of Style for Web Design
Christine A. Quinn

Temporal Design in an Emerging Medium
Andrew L. Fry

Consensus Management Using WWW
JoonHyuk Choi, HyeongJu Kim, Byungdo Go

A Server-side Editor for HTML
Jay Glicksman

Webpest: A Tool to Evaluate Hypertext Server Performance
Suresh Srinivasan

W3-Access for Blind People
Louis Perrochon, Andrea Kennel

Multi-User Publishing on the Web: DReSS, A Document Repository Service Station
Paul De Bra, Ad Aerts

Presenting HyTime Documents with HTML
Lloyd Rutledge, John F. Buford, John L. Rutledge

Enriching Reality through the World Wide Web
Brooke Williams, Robert Boldi

WebMail: Integrating E-mail and the Web
John Bowe

Internet Resource Migration, Mirror Sites, and a URL Information Service
Stewart N.T. Shen, Jin Hu

E-Mosaic, Extending Mosaic Browser with Individual-User-Centered Facilities
Stewart N.T. Shen, Wing M. Kwok, Jacqueline Yang, Ashraf Wadaa, Jin Hu, Mei Yuan

Agents, Agencies, Artifacts, and Appliances
Sankar Virdhagriswaran, Mike Webb, Jeff Mallatt

A Toolkit for Analyzing Client Access Patterns in the World-Wide Web
Mic Bowman, Bill Camargo, Chanda Dharap, M. Satyanarayanan, Mirjana Spasojevic

HTML as a User Interface for a (Prolog) Program
Katalin Molnár, Rob B. Scott, Zsuzsa Farkas

Generating Hypertext Views on Databases
Gilles Falquet, Jacques Guyot, Ian Prince

Created 24 November 1995
Last updated 08 December 1995