Panel Proposals

Panel Organizer, Dale Dougherty

Below is the name of panel session, a brief description of its discussion topic stated as a question and the panel's organizer.

(Reordered by tjg and * means updated ).

  1. WWW and Education
    What are the real benefits of putting K-12 classes on the Web?
    Andy Carvin
  2. * Knowledge Representation and the Web
    John C. Mallery of MIT
    How can we turn information on the Web into knowledge we can use?
  3. Visualizing the Web
    Can a visualization of Web space make it easier for users to navigate?
    Nahum D. Gershon, The MITRE Corporation
  4. * Government Uses of the Web
    How are Government agencies using the Web effectively to reach citizens?
    Jeff Graber, National Science Foundation
  5. * Future of Object Technology on the Web
    How can object technology be applied to the World Wide Web?
    Michael Madsen,The ANSA Project, APM Ltd
  6. Rating Content on the Web
    Does the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) preserve openness yet provide ample protection?
    Jim Miller,W3C, MIT

  1. * Business to Business
    How does electronic commerce serve business-to-business customers?
    Peter Roden of MIT.
  2. * Cool or Content: Design
    What does it take to design a great Web site?
    Jakob Nielsen of Sun Microsystems and Eviatar Shafrir of Hewlett-Packard
  3. * Creating Content for the Web
    How can content developers succeed on the Web?
    Dale Dougherty, Songline Studios