The Use of the World Wide Web in Education

From Andy Carvin, Corporation for Public Broadcasting The panel will engage in a lively exchange of wide-ranging opinions based on their experiences with schools and students using the World Wide Web throughout the last two years. Some of the potential panel issues include:

#1 Equity: Is the Web Revolution increasing the gap between the "haves and have-nots?" Does the Web offer a "Level Playing Field" for all children? If not, how can this be rectified?

#2 Hyperbole: Is the Web Revolution a fad, or does it have significant long term implications for education?

#3 Practicality: How can a teacher create and use a web server as a stimulus to learning? Does it effect the process of learning? Are students more motivated when they publish on the Web?

#4 Effectivity: Does the Web provide a logical framework for inter-disciplinary projects?

#5 Technology: What are some new tools which are being developed to enhance the effectiveness of the Web? (If practical, Charlie Lindahl will set up a demonstration station for using a new plug-in Web tool, "Shepherd" which is designed to assist teachers in using the Web.)

#6 Stories: Tales from Web. Favorite anecdotes of students using the Net in unusual ways.

Because the panelists wish to engage the audience as well as discuss these issues, presentations will be largely informal. These six categories, however, will make up the main focus of the discussion.

Panel Members:

Andy Carvin
Corporation of Public Broadcasting
Author of the WWW site EdWeb (
Manager of the listserv WWWEDU (WWW in Education)
Coordinator of the CPB K-12 Internet Testbed Project

Charlie Lindahl
Electrical Engineering Dept, University of Texas at Arlington 
Consultant for ARPA/DoDDS Projects
Creator of "Shepherd," a  WWW Teacher Tool 

Richard Perlman
Pacific Bell
Co-Chair, ISOC K-12 Committee
Developer of Pacific Bell Internet and Knowledge Network Gateway

Pat Ridge
Technology Coordinator, Patch American High School, Stuttgart
Coordinator of first K-12 Web Server in Europe
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