This is a summary of the ECHT90 conference program. The conference consisted of a day of tutorial sessions, then two days of paper presentations with parallel track of panel sessions and an exhibition of products and posters. The content of most of these are are available in the proceedings, which were distributed in paper book form at registration time (the proceedings include the question/answers of the panel sessions, surely a world first!). The working language was English. The term Hypertext should now certainly be replaced by hypermedia: all products I (RC) saw that were remotely interesting included not only text and graphics, but also the possibility of animation (eg. video) and sound (eg. voice). The overall attendence was around 450.


These were around 3 hours each in length, and given by invited experts in the field.

Paper Sessions

Except for the first two sessions and the last, these ran in parallel with the panel sessions.

Panel Sessions

The panel sessions were held in a smaller room than the papers, with a panel of 3 to 5 people entertaining an audience which varied between 50 and 300. The sessions each started with a (short) presentation by each of the panellists, after which the floor was opened for discussion. The panels were nominally on the following subjects:-