Although the conference was dominated by American presentations, the Europeans were strongly represented. From the US there were the Hypertext univerities (CMU, Brown, Maryland, Illinois), commercial representations (KMS, Apple, IRIS, DEC, MicroSoft), and users with large projects (AT, Apple, Price Waterhouse, Harvard University).

The Europeans came from universities (Aarus (DK), INRIA (F), Konstanz (D), Milano (I), Kent (UK), Southampton (UK), Strathclyde (UK)), from companies (OWL, GipsI, Geci), and from (mostly prospective) users (Renault, Hachette, Xerox(!)).

There were participants from Brasil (6), Canada (5), Israel (1), Japan (13!), Sierra Leone (1), Singapore (1) and South Africa (2), which made the conference into more than a European event (more details in the actual participants list which is available sorted by name and by country).

Following is a very abreviated list of details on people we met or whom we consider to be important in the field (they were present at the ECHT90 conference unless stated otherwise).

Patricia Baird
University of Strathclyde, UK. Editor of "Hypermedia" journal, and of the Glasgow Online project.
Peter Brown
University of Kent, UK. Gave the opening Keynote speech . Married to Heather . Email:
Heather Brown
University of Kent, UK. An ODA expert. Remembers the time "when "markup" was used to show which characters should be lower case". Was on one of the panels . Married to Peter .
Richard Futura
University of MaryLand, USA. Edits Electronic Publishing . Presented a panel session .
Rainer Kuhlen
University of Konstanz, FRG. Taught tutorial 8 on machine aided construction of hypertext bases.
Norman Meyrowitz
Director of I.R.I.S. Gave an advanced tutorial . Email:
Elli Mylonas
Department of Classics, 319 Boylston Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge MA 02138. Editor of the Perseus Project
Steven R Newcombe
(Steve) Chairs the "HyTime" SGML committee standardising formats for exchange of hypermedia including media (such as music) with a time dimension. Unfortunately, Steve could not come due to a "last minute budget freeze". Florida State University , Center for Music Research, Tallahassee FL 32303 srn!
Jakob Nielsen
Wrote the book "HyperText and HyperMedia", on sale at the conference. Also Email:
Ian Ritchie
OWL . Friendly, took part in discussions.
Ian Williams
OWL . Experience in consulting with and selling Guide to prospective customers in industry. Suggests CERN should convert some large database to Guide and then convert the rest bit by bit.
Andy van Dam (not present)
Andries van Dam, Was at CERN once, Co-founder of ACM SIGGRAPH, Now prof of C.S. at Brown, now with E.B.T. . A Good friend of Chris Jones. "HyperMedia freak" See mail to tbl.