Workshop on WWW and Collaboration

September 11-12, 1995

Cambridge, MA

Organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in cooperation with the World Wide Web Consortium

The goal of this workshop was to establish a context for the W3C as it proceeds to recommend protocol changes that will address collaboration requirements. The focus was to be on extensions to the Web protocols that support wide-area asynchronous collaborative applications, particularly extensions that can have impact by early '96. The workshop was also intended to be a starting point for continuing work on developing technology to facilitate collaboration over the World Wide Web.

Workshop Proceedings

Monday Sept 11, 1995

Collaboration, Groupware and WWW
Irene Greif, Lotus Development Corporation

Collaboration on the World Wide Web
Tim Berners-Lee, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science and World Wide Web Consortium

Real-time Systems

WebTalk: Hosting live conferences on the Web
Judith Donath, MIT Media Lab
Niel Robertson, MIT Media Lab

Ubique's Virtual Places: Communication and interaction on the World Wide Web
Kirk Scott, Ubique, Inc.

Groupware Systems

Workgroup Web Forum: Tools and applications for WWW-based group collaboration
Dah Ming Chiu, Digital Equipment Corporation
David Griffin, Digital Equipment Corporation

InterNotes and Collaborative Filtering
Dave Newbold, Iris Associates, Inc.

Shared Information Spaces

Shared Information Space - An Interactive, Collaborative System Enablement Perspective
Sankar Virdhagriswaran, Crystaliz Inc.
Mike Webb, Crystaliz Inc.
Jeff Mallatt, Crystaliz Inc.

Collaboration with HyperNews
Daniel LaLiberte, NCSA

Supporting collaborative information sharing with the World-Wide Web:
The BSCW Shared Workspace system
Richard Bentley, GMD FIT.CSCW
Thilo Horstmann, GMD FIT.CSCW

Group Knowledge

The Open Meeting: Light-Weight Semantics for Wide-Area Collaboration
John C. Mallery, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Roger Hurwitz, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Collaborating around Shared Content on the WWW
Tom Gruber, Stanford University


Public Annotations
Wayne Gramlich, Sun Microsystems

Generalized Annotations for Shared Commenting, Content Rating, and Other Collaborative Usages
Martin Roscheisen, Stanford University Computer Science Department
Terry Winograd, Stanford University Computer Science Department

Poster and Demonstration Session, MIT Lab for Computer Science

Tuesday September 12, 1995

Panel for "Brainstorming" Session
Chaired by Irene Greif, Lotus Development Corporation

Small group discussion

Task force sessions

Call to Action
Tim Berners-Lee, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science and World Wide Web Consortium
Working Group sign-ups and commitments for follow-up activities.

Karen MacArthur, Workshop Coordinator: collaboration@w3.org
Last updated 20 November 1995