Charter, chair, and policies

> Like Dan, I had a couple of nits with the Karen's wording of our
> charter... so, I rewrote it a little.  This is basically what I came
> up with:

Great!  I took the original charter directly from the discussion
at the workshop, and it was my hope that the working group would
hammer it out as appropriate.

Wayne has offered to serve as chair for this working group.
Any objections or counter-offers?

The responsibilities of the chair include:
(1) Ensuring that discussion takes place and things move forward
according to the charter
(2) Receiving statements of interest from people who want to join in the
working group, and filtering them as appropriate.

The idea is that people can join the working group if they send a statement
of interest to the chair, and the chair decides they can join.
In this way, participation is open to valuable interested people, without
overly decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio of the group.
Wayne, are you willing to do this?

I'd like to announce the existence of this working group
on the web, and put up some general information, while keeping
actual discussion of the group private.  For now, the only information
I have which I consider public is the charter.  Is the home page
Wayne has just set up public information?  Is it appropriate to point
to this home page from the W3C web site?

I've been keeping an archive, but I didn't want to make it public.
Wayne, I can make the archive available to you for the home page you've
just set up.

I'm asking that you notify me when you have something which I can
put up on the W3C Collaboration working groups web area for public perusal;
otherwise, I will consider this discussion confidential.


Karen MacArthur
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)