Announcing: w3c-collab-annotation@w3.org

Announcing: w3c-collab-annotation@w3.org

This is the mailing list for the W3C Collaboration Working Group on
Annotation, formed at the W3C Workshop on WWW and Collaboration, 11-12
September 1995.  The W3C is in the process of setting up a
collaborative discussion tool for the Collaboration working groups;
for now, please use this mailing list for discussion.

W3C Collaboration Working Group: Annotation

The purpose of this working group is to:

Assuming that links are first-class objects (which is being discussed
by w3c-collab-links, the W3C Collaboration Working Group on Links),
develop an annotation protocol.

 * define "annotation set"
 * define operations on the annotation set
 * find annotation sets

Then, develop a working implementation.

Current participants:

Roland Alton-Scheidl (Alton-Scheidl@oeaw.ac.at)
Mark Ackerman (ackerman@uci.edu)
Doug Ross (doug_ross@mit.edu)
Roy Fielding (fielding@ics.uci.edu)
Dan LaLiberte (liberte@ncsa.uiuc.edu)
Marc Salomon (marc@ckm.ucsf.edu)
Scott Meeks (meeks@osf.org)
Albert Meyer (meyer@lcs.mit.edu)
Vincent Quint (quint@inria.fr)
Martin Roscheisen (rmr@cs.stanford.edu)
Wayne Gramlich (wayne.gramlich@sun.com)
Winnie Liang (wliang@mit.edu)

We need to designate a chair, who agrees to ensure that discussion
continues and that some result comes out of this discussion, whether
that be a whitepaper, a position statement, or some other result.  Who
would like to chair this working group?

In order to get the discussion going, I have included below some
notes from the Annotation discussion group at the workshop.

Thank you all for your interest in participating in this working

  Karen MacArthur

Karen MacArthur
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

A is the ability to make additions to a doc, visible to a user,
without actually modifying the original document.  (changes,
deletions, replacements...)
requirements: come up with protocols for interop on annotation
systems.  lots of systems, no interop.
A's are going to be first-class docs; i.e. have a name 
* Not going to deal with scalability, don't want to make www worse than currently is; not going to propose one huge server
* Not going to define access control protocol; will live by what emerges from www community
Research status:
* several prototypes available
* good rapport between researchers at least
* diffs exit; will work them out
W3C can help in:
1) Standardization process of interop protocol (working group on this?)
2) Need some UI support in order to do annotations.  what is a good UI for A is still research issue.  W3C: provide Standardization on extensibility of features within browsers. (so can write for all browsers arbitrarily)
filtering issue
how to specify markup in annotations/docs:  need research

want to change an annotation into an edit if decide to (and other
examples) thus, need to be interop and relatively seamless with other
is annotation becoming an arbitrary collaboration problem?  where is the boundary where we can limit it?  will it be too brittle if we do that?
wayne: if annotations are first-class objects, can use recursion (annotations on annotations, etc.)
again, scaleability is the general scaleability in this case, because annotations are first-order objects