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Bug 3496 - Standardised wording
Summary: Standardised wording
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Product: ITS
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Version: WorkingDraft
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: P2 normal
Target Milestone: AfterLC
Assignee: Felix Sasaki
QA Contact: Felix Sasaki
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Reported: 2006-07-19 17:20 UTC by Felix Sasaki
Modified: 2006-10-03 14:50 UTC (History)
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Description Felix Sasaki 2006-07-19 17:20:52 UTC
Issue #24 of i18nCore comments

As I try to understand the section on data categories, I keep wishing there was more standardization of the text. For instance, in one place we have "Directionality can be expressed with global rules or locally on an individual element." as the second sentence under implementation; elsewhere "Ruby can be expressed locally in a document or with global rules." as the first sentence; elsewhere "This data category can be expressed only in a set of rules. It cannot be expressed as local markup on an individual element." And Language Information doesn't have an Implementation section at all.

It would be much easier to compare and contrast, but also pick up information if this was expressed in a standard form, eg. first sentence under "Implementation" is always "XXX can be expressed with global rules, or locally on an individual element.", or, in the case like the third above "XXX can only be expressed locally on an individual element."

Other similar standardisations could be applied to section 6.
Comment 1 Felix Sasaki 2006-07-24 16:54:33 UTC
Resolution: working group agreed with the change at .
Action: editors to implement the change.
Comment 2 Christian Lieske 2006-08-16 13:38:15 UTC
I started to work on this, and would like to suggest that we discuss the following before we dive into this:

a. Info Design

   How do we structure the "Definition" and "Implementation" sections for
   the data categories?

b. Relationship with schema annotation/possible change to ODD transformation

   There is a lot of overlap between the prose in "Implementation" 
   and "elementSpec".

Comment 3 Felix Sasaki 2006-09-06 21:13:04 UTC
WG needs to discuss: do we need to move to xml spec, to allow others to make changes?
Sstandardized wordingS issue is currently at the bottom of TODO list, we see if we have time.
Action: WG to discuss
Comment 4 Felix Sasaki 2006-09-11 02:47:21 UTC
Wait: response sent. See
Comment 5 Yves Savourel 2006-09-14 03:51:48 UTC
Closed. Commenters satisfied see:
Comment 6 Felix Sasaki 2006-09-28 06:43:44 UTC
Summary: The Working Group decided to accept the proposal and to use more standardized wordings for the description of the various data categories.