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Mon Apr 1 2019 13:34:59 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Opened Changed
4045 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- chrisfer RESO FIXE scoping of wsdl1.1 identifiers spec 2006-12-08 2007-03-07
4127 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- fabian.ritzmann RESO FIXE Proposed WSDL 1.1 element identifiers can not deal with operation name overloading 2007-01-02 2007-01-17
4208 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- fsasaki RESO FIXE identifiers should use WSDL 1.1 element names not WSDL 2.0 component names 2007-01-12 2007-01-17
4251 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- fsasaki RESO FIXE [WSDL11Ids] Change syntax for some WSDL 1.1 identifiers 2007-01-17 2007-02-14
4331 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- pcotton RESO FIXE WSDL WG comment 1 2007-02-16 2007-03-07
4332 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- pcotton RESO FIXE WSDL WG comment 2 2007-02-16 2007-03-07
5346 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- fsasaki NEW --- Operation parameter in bindingOperation is of type QName 2008-01-04 2008-01-04
13515 WS-Polic WSDL1.1- fsasaki NEW --- please remove this group user from my computer, they are hacking me 2011-08-02 2013-07-23
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