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Region content

TTML 1.0
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Sean Hayes
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CSS (referenced through XSL) defines: "The background of the root element becomes the background of the canvas and covers the entire canvas, anchored (for 'background-position') at the same point as it would be if it was painted only for the root element itself. The root element does not paint this background again."

My interpretation of the canvas background is that is the plane on which the blocks are laid out (the block-area reference area of the viewport/reference pair in XSL parlance), and then this is seen through the viewport-area of the region (which is equal to the content area). Can we clarify if this is correct, and which element (if any) controls the background colour of the block-area reference area, or whether it is always transparent. (My working assumption has been that it is the <body> element which controls it).
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resolved in TTAF1-DFXP WD Editor's Copy Update - 20090504

Glenn Adams, 4 May 2009, 12:12:22

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