ISSUE-55: make tts:textDecoration and tts:textOutline inheritable

make tts:textDecoration and tts:textOutline inheritable

TTML 1.0
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Glenn Adams
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Although CSS and XSL do not make text decoration or text shadow) inheritable style properties, they do require that their presence be propagated down to descendant inline areas. Semantically speaking, text decoration (and shadow/outline) only applies to inline areas, or, to be more precise, to glyph areas that compose inline areas. Since DFXP allows only presentable inline and block content element descendants of block level element types (e.g., body, div, p), it turns out that this application of text decoration (and outline) to descendant inline areas is equivalent to full inheritance; therefore, it would be better (and more consistent from a specification perspective) to make tts:text{Decoration,Outline} inheritable in DFXP.
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  1. ISSUE-55: make tts:textDecoration and tts:textOutline inheritable [DFXP 1.0] (from on 2009-04-12)

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resolved in TTAF1-DFXP WD Editor's Copy Update - 20090427

Glenn Adams, 27 Apr 2009, 04:01:18

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