ISSUE-443: #backgroundColor-region forbidden

#backgroundColor-region forbidden

TTML WebVTT mapping note
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Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
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Is #backgroundColor-region really forbidden? I would have thought it was in wide use in North American style captions. I have seen it in many TTML files.
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Related notes:

This is just for the intermediate step and the reasoning behind this is that background color of regions in WebVTT can only be applied once to all regions in the document. So you have no equivalent in WebVTT when there are two different background colors in TTML regions. The proposed strategy is to map the region background color to a p or find a better strategy to keep the intent.

But as most of the time just one background color is used in a TTML document it may indeed be reasonable to also allow backgroundColor-region for the TVTT "profile".

Andreas Tai, 27 Oct 2015, 22:29:48

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