ISSUE-439: #length-pixel forbidden

#length-pixel forbidden

TTML WebVTT mapping note
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Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
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Although specifying lengths in pixels should generally be discouraged, I have seen many TTML documents use them.

As long as tts:extent is specified on <tt> using "px" metric, can't "px" coordinates be converted to percentage coordinates by merely dividing the horizontal (vertical) component by the number of tts:extent pixels in the horizontal (vertical) direction?
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Related notes:

This is related to the general mapping approach taken in the document to make an "intermediate" document type as close as possible to WebVTT. WebVTT does not support "absolute" positioning with pixel. But you may allow pixel as length metric for font-size (this is supported in CSS).

Andreas Tai, 27 Oct 2015, 21:53:01

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