ISSUE-436: Move Overview to Annex

Move Overview to Annex

TTML WebVTT mapping note
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Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
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Section 1 contains great tutorial information. This information is however not necessary to Sections 2 and 3, which contain the normative provisions of the note that implementers will follow. I therefore recommend moving Section 1 to an informative annex.
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Related notes:

We should keep in mind that we also adress people not familiar with one or both of the formats. Also the document is a working group note intended to be a guidance for authors and not a normative spec.

At the moment there are good arguments to keep it at the beginning. We may get more feedback from other readers on this, especially the ones who may not be part of the standards groups (and therefore may more background information).

Andreas Tai, 18 Oct 2015, 09:53:43

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