ISSUE-434: Behavior in case of multiple images in a region

Behavior in case of multiple images in a region

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Glenn Adams
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Also, what is expected behavior if more than one image is present in a region? Ignored for presentation purposes? If so which? Overlaid? If so, which overlay order applies (presumably document order)?

"In a given synchronic document, there shall be at most one presented image per presented region."
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As indicated in the Conformance section, """This specification does not specify presentation processor or transformation processor behavior when processing or transforming a non-conformant Document Instance."""

Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, 21 Sep 2015, 20:37:55

Then perhaps informative advice could be provided.

Glenn Adams, 24 Sep 2015, 15:16:05

[nigel]: [Meeting 2015-10-15] Agreed to close since no wording for non-conformance handling has been proposed, by anyone.

15 Oct 2015, 16:01:42

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