ISSUE-417: #writingMode constraint inconsistent in image profile

#writingMode constraint inconsistent in image profile

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Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
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TTML1 states

"""[...] supports the #writingMode feature if it recognizes and is capable of transforming all defined values of the tts:writingMode attribute."""

IMSC1 common provisions state that "#writingMode MAY be used", but the image profile state that "#writingMode-vertical SHALL not be used."

So #writingMode should be removed from common provisions and moved to individual profile provisions.
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#writingMode is now described as "Not applicable since some, but not all, implied features are permitted" in the image profile and as "May be used" in the text profile.

Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, 8 Oct 2015, 01:47:07

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Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, 15 Oct 2015, 15:28:02

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