ISSUE-401: Agent and actor circular references

Agent and actor circular references

Agent and actor circular references

TTML 1.0
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Nigel Megitt
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A ttm:agent can contain a ttm:actor. A ttm:actor can reference a ttm:agent. If an actor references its own parent agent then that would create a scenario that needs special handling in simple or naive implementations.

A major structural change to TTML1 is unwarranted at this stage however an editorial note to warn implementors of this would be helpful.

Alternatively an erratum prohibiting this scenario could be added - it doesn't have any obvious semantic meaning. Even if an actor plays himself, like Steve Coogan in The Trip playing Steve Coogan, the correct structure would be to have an agent whose type is "person", say xml:id="steveCooganTheActor" and an agent whose type is "character", say xml:id="steveCooganTheCharacter" that contains an actor whose agent="steveCooganTheActor".
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