ISSUE-391: Yiddish in captions/subtitles


Yiddish in captions/subtitles

Raised by:
Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
Opened on:

> he (Hebrew)
> U+05B0 – U+05C3
> U+05D0 – U+05EA
> U+05F3 – U+05F4

Why are 05F0-05F2 excluded? (They're Yiddish, but is there a reason to
discriminate against Yiddish? Yiddish theater is real)

And, why would you exclude 059x, 05Ax, 05C4-05C7?

A perfectly reasonable thing to do w/ captions would be to caption
someone chanting from the Torah, or chanting a Haftarah which means
you'd need almost all of these (? is included in the text, but I
suppose you could argue for dropping from captions, I'd personally
include it, since omitting it would take more effort).
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Related notes:

Yiddish is included is neither CLDR nor CFF-TT. Are there existing/practical examples of Yiddish captions/subtitles? Annex B is a recommendation in any event. Suggest considering deferring until IMSC2.

Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, 11 Jun 2015, 05:35:37

btw, this is a good example of why I opposed specifying any character subsets for particular languages; it was a bad idea then, and it remains a bad idea now

Glenn Adams, 11 Jun 2015, 06:58:53

[meeting 2015-06-11] Deferring to IMSC 2 in the hope that CLDR will be ready with respect to Yiddish then.

Nigel Megitt, 11 Jun 2015, 14:24:53

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