ISSUE-276: ttp:version vs ttp:profile vs ttp:contentProfile


ttp:version vs ttp:profile vs ttp:contentProfile

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Glenn Adams
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The semantics of ttp:version (issue-203) need to be clarified (and very specific) in light of ttp:profile and ttp:contentProfile, which already signal conformance to specific normative provisions and can differentiate between TTML1 and TTML2, which declare different profiles.

If ttp:profile is purely informational, shouldn't it be in the ttm: namespace?
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Related notes:

EBU liaison has requested feature to allow document conformance to (zero to many) profiles to be described using short form aliases to allow references to specifications not wholly defined by schemas or feature designators, i.e. where behaviour is described normatively in documentation.

Nigel Megitt, 23 Oct 2013, 14:02:33

[pal]: ttp:version vs ttp:profile vs ttp:contentProfile

24 Oct 2013, 15:31:03

Raised by PAL

Philippe Le Hégaret, 24 Oct 2013, 15:33:30

Proposal added on behalf of EBU:

* There should be a new element that signals standard conformance.
* This element has a lower bound of 1 and an upper bound of "unbounded".
* The standard is referenced by an URI.
* Conformance is not defined by an explicit profile mechanism but is
only defined by the prose of the referenced standard.
* The URI is an unique identifier and there is no strict requirement
that this resolves to a resources available (e.g. over http).

Example (for easier reading without namespaces):


The name of the element could be different.

Nigel Megitt, 31 Oct 2013, 11:21:55

See also note from Nigel in Issue-323.

Glenn Adams, 31 Jul 2014, 14:55:50

Addressed in

Glenn Adams, 24 Sep 2014, 22:59:43

[nigel]: frans has reviewed.

9 Oct 2014, 14:31:29

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