ISSUE-271: 9.3.2 Smooth transition reference unavailable or requires purchase to resolve


9.3.2 Smooth transition reference unavailable or requires purchase to resolve

TTML 1.0
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Nigel Megitt
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It's unfortunate that the reference to CEA-608-C in the note on section 9.3.2 does not directly resolve to a document, but to the CEA website from which the referenced document is extremely hard to find (I failed, though I did find 608-E) and which appears to require a purchase to obtain the referenced document. Does anyone know of an alternative document that could be referenced as an example of smooth transition behaviour that does not have this 'feature'?
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Amended title to add unavailability.

Nigel Megitt, 12 Aug 2013, 14:33:50

[glenn]: update refs to 608/708 to current version

15 Aug 2013, 15:37:31

Although 608-E should be retained, the smooth scrolling provision of interest can also be found in the US FCC regulations: 47 CFR 79.101(f)(iii):
We could also cite that.

Mike Dolan, 15 Aug 2013, 18:19:46


Glenn Adams, 24 Aug 2013, 00:49:32

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