ISSUE-241: smpte:data (inline binary data)


smpte:data (inline binary data)

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Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
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[The following is extracted from the liaison received from SMPTE at]

The data element shall be used to record binary data of the input format used to generate the SMPTE-TT document. The data element shall have as a content model a text string that is the encoded binary data in the encoding format indicated by the encoding attribute.

See 5.7.2 at ST 2052-1 (
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Nigel Megitt, 23 Oct 2013, 14:26:16


Philippe Le Hégaret, 24 Oct 2013, 15:55:45

Add support for author supplied data resources.

Glenn Adams, 22 Nov 2014, 00:53:37

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