ISSUE-165: allowing set to animate more than one attribute.

set restrictions

allowing set to animate more than one attribute.

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Sean Hayes
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When using the set element to model pop on type captioning, it is typical to need to change a number of styles at once; for example position, extent and display. Currently this requires one set element for each attribute.
Furthermore it is often the case that a number of these style groups are repeated.

Proposal to change <set> to allow a) more than one style attribute.

<set begin='00:00:09.000' end='00:00:09.500' s:origin='10% 20%' s:display='auto' />

b) to animate using a style reference:

<set begin='00:00:09.000' end='00:00:09.500' style='animationStyles01' />
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Resolved to be fixed as proposed. See Action 56

Sean Hayes, 11 Apr 2012, 22:50:23

Fixed in

Glenn Adams, 27 Feb 2014, 15:07:36

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