ISSUE-132: miscellaneous typos

miscellaneous typos

TTML 1.0 (Editorial)
Raised by:
Glenn Adams
Opened on:
change "anisomorphic" throughout to "anamorphic"

also address the following typos reported by Sylvia Pfeiffer:

Section 2.2 Terminology, Profile Definition Document
-> has a double "by"

Section 2.3 Document Conventions, XML Representation - Element
Information Item: example, third paragraph
-> has a double "the"

Section 6.1.1 ttp:profile, first Note
-> " is defined *an* how it is labeled:..." -> should be *and*

Section 7.1.1 tt, first sentence
-> remove surplus comma

Section 8.2 Styling Attribute Vocabulary, second Note
-> has a double "property"

Section 9.1.2 Region, last Note, second paragraph
-> "additionaly" should be written with two *ll*s

Section 10.3.1 <timeExpression>, second-last and last paragraph
-> both have a double "the"

Section 12.1.1 ttm:title, last paragraph
-> should read "ttm:title" instead of "ttm:name"
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resolved in TTAF1-DFXP Editor's Copy Update - 20090720

Glenn Adams, 24 Jul 2009, 00:03:22

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