Welcome to Arena 0.98

Arena 0.98 is a prerelease that comes with bugs and shortcomings. Its primary purpose is to be a testbed browser for HTML3, style sheets and the W3C library of common code. 0.98h Binaries are only available for a limited selection of platforms.

Arena0.98f for NeXT is available here.

Arena Links

Style Sheets

0.98 reimplements the style sheet mechanism according to the August 10 draft of Cascading Style Sheets. The implementation is not yet complete

Other style sheet links include:

New Stuff

Release History

0.98a released.
0.98b released. Only Sun and HP platform supported so far. Bugs in inheritance mechanism fixed. Trouble with shared libraries.
0.98c released. HR element now rendered in "3D" by default. Library flags fixed. Less verbose color output. Small bug in font selection mechanism fixed.
0.98e released for sun and hp. Abort button works, PNG support upgraded, Forms are starting to work. Centering now works for small-caps elements
0.98f released for sun, hp, sgi and linux. Fixed memory leak in PNG support and added PNG file recognition.
0.98g released for sun and linux. Support for background images added.
0.98h released for sun and linux. Leading, indent and background images for tables added.


Lots of bugs have been fixed, many new ones have been added: