Entering characters

To enter characters that are not directly available from the keyboard, Amaya uses the standard services provided by the Operating System. An optional multi-key support is also provided for Motif and Windows versions.

Amaya provides a mechanism for assigning keyboard shortcuts to characters that are not directly available from the keyboard. Some of them are pre-defined:

The input methods for Unix and Mac OS X are presented below.

About Unix standard multi-key support

If a character is unavailable on the keyboard, you can insert the character by pressing the special Compose key followed by a sequence of two other keys. See the table below for the keys used to insert various characters. Note that in Amaya you can change the order of the two keys.

If your keyboard does not contain a Compose key, you can attach it to an existing key such as Alt-Gr with the following xmodmap command:

keycode 113 = Multi_key

You can place this command in the $HOME/.Xmodmap file, and Amaya will apply it when you will launch your X server.

Name Code First key Second key Output
AElig 198 <Shift> A <Shift> E
Aacute 193 <Shift> A quote
Acirc 194 <Shift> A circumflex
Agrave 192 <Shift> A backquote
Aring 197 <Shift> A star
Atilde 195 <Shift> A tilde
Auml 196 <Shift> A double quote
Ccedil 199 <Shift> C comma
Eth 222 - D
Eacute 201 <Shift> E quote
Ecirc 202 <Shift> E circonflex
Egrave 200 <Shift> E backquote
Euml 203 <Shift> E double quote
Iacute 205 <Shift> I quote
Icirc 206 <Shift> I circumflex
Igrave 204 <Shift> I backquote
Iuml 207 <Shift> I double quote
Ntilde 209 <Shift> N tilde
Oacute 211 <Shift> O quote
Ocirc 212 <Shift> O circumflex
Ograve 210 <Shift> O backquote
Oslash 216 <Shift> O slash
Otilde 213 <Shift> O tilde
Ouml 214 <Shift> O double quote
Thorn 222 <Shift> T <Shift> H
Uacute 205 <Shift> U quote
Ucirc 206 <Shift> U circumflex
Ugrave 204 <Shift> U backquote
Uuml 207 <Shift> U double quote
Yacute 221 <Shift> Y quote
aelig 230 a e
aacute 225 a quote
acirc 226 a circumflex
agrave 224 a backquote
aring 229 a star
atilde 227 a tilde
auml 228 a double quote
brvbar 166 bar (pipe) bar
ccedil 231 c comma
cent 162 c slash
copy 169 c o
current 164 x o
deg 176 ^ 0 (zero)
eacute 233 e quote
ecirc 234 e circumflex
egrave 232 e backquote
euml 235 e double quote
eth 240 - d
frac12 189 / 2
frac14 188 / 4
frac34 190 / 3
hyphen 173 - (minus) -
iacute 237 i quote
icirc 238 i circumflex
igrave 236 i backquote
iexcl 161 ! !
iquest 191 ? ?
laquo 171 < <
macr 175 - (minus) circumflex
micro 181 / u
middot 183 . circumflex
nbsp 160 <Ctrl> space (none)
not 172 - (minus) comma
ntilde 241 n tilde
oacute 243 o quote
ocirc 244 o circumflex
ograve 242 o backquote
oslash 248 o slash
otilde 245 o tilde
ouml 246 o double quote
ordf 170 a _ (underscore)
ordm 186 o _ (underscore)
para 182 <Shift> P !
plusmn 177 + - (minus)
pound 163 l - (minus)
raquo 187 > >
reg 174 <Shift> R <Shift> O
sec 167 s !
sup1 185 s 1
sup2 178 s 2
sup3 179 s 3
szlig 223 s s
thorn 254 t h
uacute 250 u quote
ucirc 251 u circumflex
ugrave 249 u backquote
uuml 252 u double quote
yacute 253 y quote
yen 165 y - (minus)
yuml 255 y double quote

How to type accented characters on Mac OS X

With an international US keyboard (qwerty), accented characters are entered with the Alt key (aka Option key) as follows:

About white space handling

As required by the HTML specification, Amaya removes insignificant white-space characters when it loads a document. This applies to (X)HTML, MathML, and SVG documents, as well as MathML and SVG elements included in a (X)HTML document,

The following are considered as insignificant white-space characters:

To preserve all characters for some elements, use the xml:space attribute or the pre element (only in (X)HTML documents). The possible values for the xml:space attribute are default and preserve.

The xml:space attribute applies to all elements within the element where it is specified, unless it is overridden with another instance of xml:space.

In an XHTML DTD, the pre element causes the same behavior as the xml:space attribute with the value preserve.