04 March 2024


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meeting up at CSUN
… details sent to the members who said they would be there

matatk: CSS speech:

<matatk> w3c/pronunciation#116

<gb> Action 116 Assess current state of CSS Speech (on matatk) due 2024-02-05

<IrfanAli> https://tdil.meity.gov.in/WSI/docs/draft_recommendations_speechstandards.pdf

matatk: css speech doesn't fulfill all the use cases, and Leone points to SSML as the missing component of the platform (and browsers for not supporting it).

matatk: Igalia does a lot of development across browsers and we know people there who are accessibility people. I could ask her if she has any of this on their radar or if they want to do it (providing funding availalble)

I would like a go-nogo decision from APA/the group. I feel like progress has stalled due to resistance from the browsers to implement. The further complication is that even the authors of CSS speech seem to point to SSML as the obvious candidate but if browsers are resistant, I don't see how we're going to move forward without just "publish and hope"

matatk: it would helpful to get info from TAG folks about what they feel are the barriers to SSML or speech in general.

we had what I saw as three options: 1) try to convince browsers/AT that we need break/pause and do it like SSML/our version of SSML. 2) punt on break/pause and leave it for CSS speech. 3) go back to the drawing board and come up with a unified solution.

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