COGA Internationalization Subgroup Teleconference

02 15 2024


Jan, julierawe, kirkwood, tburtin

Meeting minutes

<JMcSorley> The meeting has been set up and the agenda items have been added

Overview of internationalization issues in Github about Making Content Usable 1.0

<JMcSorley> Julie: A big part of what we need to internationalize is Making Content Usable 1.0 and at the same time, we are setting up Clear Language Guidelines for WCAG 3.0

<JMcSorley> Julie: To that end, we are trying to set up a call to think about how we're going to internationalize Clear Language. We had a meeting in November with the Internationalization Task Force to discuss how to align on a scope for internationalizing Clear Language.

<JMcSorley> Julie: We want to develop tests and methods for a set of "guardrail" languages. For example, English, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, etc. Some that are vertical, some that are left-to-right and others that are right-to-left.

<JMcSorley> Julie: After determining the guardrail languages, we were trying to determine how to address this work so that we can engage with people with experience in the guardrail languages

<JMcSorley> Julie: We are working on setting up a meeting to see how to set up the community group - it will require a lot of care an attention to get this community group set up. We will need to determine how this community group will interact with the Internationalization Task Force, COGA, Clear Language, and this COGA subgroup on Internationalization.

<JMcSorley> Julie: Our ideal idea is that the Clear Language group would continue to develop recommendations in English and then this community group would work on recommendations for the other gaurdrail languages.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: I can set up the community group from a technical perspective

<JMcSorley> Lisa: When you set up a community group, we will need a co-chair. We need one from COGA. We need to think of who can be the initial chairs will be and then we can change chairs after things get going.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: When you set up the community group, you have to describe what the community group is going to be about, so we will need to write that text.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: Ideas for the purpose: support Internationalization in COGA and in AGWG

<JMcSorley> Lisa: another idea - developing tests in multiple languages; Lisa can put these ideas into a Google doc so that we can get feedback on this language and get approval within about a week.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: whoever wants to be co-chair will be able to step down after the community group is set up and then let AGWG manage the group.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: Suggests Julie would be the co-chair while they're trying to get this set up

<JMcSorley> Lisa: The community group would be separate and they can make their own decision about what to do.

<JMcSorley> John: Thinks Lisa brought up good points about Clear Language. It would be helpful to create a Venn Diagram with COGA being one circle and one being Internationalization and figuring out where the overlap is between the two groups so that we can focus on those priorities.

<JMcSorley> Tiffany: People who are committing themselves to the community group don't necessarily have to be in AG or COGA. There's person Tiffany knows who is a linguist who would be really good for this. How would we go about getting this person to join?

<JMcSorley> Lisa: Joining a community group is easier than joining COGA - anyone can join a community group.

<Zakim> lisa, you wanted to comment on how to recrute

<JMcSorley> Julie: I want to go back to John's idea of the Venn Diagram - I think this is a nice way to think about how a community group could approach all of the patterns in COGA that might have internationalization impacts

<kirkwood> +1 to John’s idea ;)

<JMcSorley> Julie: In terms of recruiting - how do we make sure that we recruit enough people in enough languages?

<JMcSorley> Julie: The internationalization group has indicated that they would like to be able to review what we do after text is developed, but we will have to try to get help from AG to help us find people to do the work.

<JMcSorley> Julie: standing up this group is going to take a lot of work because we will need to get people involved; Julie is concerned about co-chairing in the first 3 months, unless she has a partner that can help with recruiting

<JMcSorley> Lisa: We could write to AG to see who is interested in getting involved. We send the email to AG and to Internationalization and try to recruit the co-chair. Until we have a co-chair who wants to do this, then we don't have a group.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: Item 1: Write the purpose of the group in a Google Doc; Item 2: Determine who can help us recruit; Item 3: Look at the resources in Julie's PPT of groups we can approach and we can send this out to large companies as well.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: Item 2 is finding a co-chair from AGWG or Internationalization

<kirkwood> FYI on topic on issue of mental health NYC Lawsuit: https://www.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/125-24/mayor-adams-lawsuit-against-social-media-companies-fueling-nationwide-youth-mental-health#/0

<JMcSorley> Lisa: The initial co-chairs can step down after the group is set up and the community group can establish new chairs.

<julierawe> Jan: I met with Katy this week

<julierawe> Jan: We're looking at internationalization issues in Making Content Usable

<julierawe> Jan: We can help identify things other than Clear Language that we want internationalize

<julierawe> Jan: Maybe the community group would help prioritize what to do after Clear Language

<JMcSorley> Julie: Are there other things besides Clear Language, Color, and Line Height that the community group needs to address?

<julierawe> Jan: Katy and I can put together a list of other patterns in COGA that would benefit from internationalization

<julierawe> Jan: We could put this list in front of the group in phases and let the group take it from there

<lisa> coga

<JMcSorley> John: The one thing from personal experience that I have found, having delt with large internationalization teams from a government perspective and getting advice from them around specific issues, we found there may be issues across dialects that could lead to cultural and cognitive issues that could lead to misinformation. We need to have people with a lot of experience to understand these unintended consequences.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: We are talking about the community group doing something else. The community group will look at recommendations from an English perspective and determine if those recommendations work in other languages. What we need are simple language experts across different languages.

<JMcSorley> John: put a link to an article about a lawsuit regarding how mental health is being affected by social media

<julierawe> Is this the scope:

<julierawe> 1. Clear language guidelines: Developing tests in multiple languages for WCAG 3

<julierawe> 2. Color usage guidelines

<julierawe> 3. Line height guidelines

<julierawe> 4. Any other aspects of WCAG 3 that need internationalization

<JMcSorley> Julie: What will we name this group?

<lisa> The Internationalization and COGA ( Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility) Accessibility Community ’s

<lisa> The mission of the Internationalization - Internationalization and COGA ( Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility) Accessibility Community is to work with and support the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility (COGA) Task Force and the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group to improve internationalization of their work on web accessibility including for people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

<kirkwood> Cognitive Internationalization TF

<JMcSorley> Lisa: Cognitive Internationalization Accessibility Community Group

<kirkwood> International Cognitive Access ?

Decide who will do what in this next chunk of work

<julierawe> WCAG 3-COGA internationalization community group

<lisa> International Accessibility in COGA and AG.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: Will develop the first draft of the Google document that describes the purpose of the group

<kirkwood> International Cognitive Inclusion

<JMcSorley> Julie is setting up a meeting with Rachael and others from COGA to discuss the next steps on the community group.

<JMcSorley> Julie: Has concerns about her bandwidth in setting up the community group.

<JMcSorley> Lisa: The community group is outside of COGA and AG

<JMcSorley> Lisa: setting up a community group has to be outside of the existing working groups - it can be affiliated, but it has to be outside; this is why the community group can decide to do other things.

<JMcSorley> John: International Cognitive Inclusion - likes this for the names

<lisa> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SgfzQMEd0MYydz6WoPBbuxx5CewjiUc5bsuu592uurI/edit#heading=h.9ov2mv6ycmka

<JMcSorley> Julie: Lisa will circulate the draft; the group will have a number of days to give feedback and then we will share the draft with Rachael and get some answers for how AG can help get the group started.

<julierawe> Jan: I was thinking this was about COGA, but if this is about AG too, we'll need help from AG

<JMcSorley> Julie: The internationalization group is very concerned about line height - this is an example of where COGA needs and AG needs might be different.

<julierawe> Jan: I can be administrative support — maybe all that's needed is to bring people together

<lisa> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SgfzQMEd0MYydz6WoPBbuxx5CewjiUc5bsuu592uurI/edit#heading=h.9ov2mv6ycmka

<julierawe> Jan: I may not have the background to lead the discussions but can facilitate gathering the people who will discuss

<julierawe> Lisa: Jan, will you be co-chair?

<julierawe> Jan: We can get the group going and once we get the expertise,they can provide the leadership

<julierawe> Lisa: And we step back and become members

<julierawe> Jan: Clear language is an enormous undertaking

<julierawe> Tiffany: I'll help how i can in spreading the word

<julierawe> Lisa: Jan and me as co-chairs and I intend to step back

<julierawe> Lisa: As soon as everyone's happy with it, including John Rochford and Rachael

<julierawe> Lisa: I think we should also tell AG. Ask AG to help set up.

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