Web Authentication

07 February 2024


Pascoe, Nina, Tony, Simon, Matthew, James, plh

Meeting minutes

Next charter

tony: current charter is running out.
... hoping to finish L3 this year and start L4 after that
... copy/paste current charter, update the dates, and we should be good

ACTION: plh to get a new charter for the WG


Initial text for the conditional create

Nina: the mechanism shouldn't be an extension. so removing the extension would work but there should be a way to indicate that there will be a conditional create later

pascoe: ok, there might be a better way... the user agent could ask the consent whenever the conditional create happens

tony: the browser would have to support this and error condition
… as an extension, it allows the browser not to support it

nina: if you requested conditional create and it's not available, you might get a UI or something

pascoe: indeed, it doesn't make a difference for the browser implementation
… there is no plan to make the extension required....


Adding example of secure context origin, localhost

pascoe: looks ready to be approved


Adding flexibility in client origin scheme validation to align with real world implementations

Tony: looks like this is ready to go next week

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