WebAuthn Weekly WG Call

24 January 2024


agl, anders, arnar, davidWaite, emil, jfontana, johnBradley, johnPascoe, jzhang, lachlan, matthewmiller, nina, nsteele, shane, sweeden, timcappalli

Meeting minutes

<jfontana_> agl: merging.


<jfontana_> dwaite: looking at changes, looking for good example


<jfontana_> ...will look at this later.


<jfontana_> dwaite, self review

Dave: Emil requested self review, I'll also review

<jfontana_> nina: I will look at this

<jfontana_> share: waiting for MSFT

<jfontana_> ...I want to leave it open.


<jfontana_> agl: waiting to ship this?

<jfontana_> agl: guidance is good for this

<jfontana_> tim: another piece, advance use cases. RP may not use.

<jfontana_> mmiller: I don't think FIDO UX is going to give guidance

<jfontana_> ...should likely not encourage

<jfontana_> bradley: there are flows that make sense

<jfontana_> tim: keep both? other option adda new hint

<jfontana_> nina: think we should not deprecate

<jfontana_> bradley: lets wait for Akshay

<jfontana_> mmiller: can we move into client, with hint

<jfontana_> agl: there are differences in the language

<jfontana_> mmiller: some wanted this with security keys, need followup from others.

<jfontana_> tim: some just like any other device

<jfontana_> tim: tleave as it is and have more help

<jfontana_> tim: maybe we need to re-frame

<jfontana_> ...experience is I need another device or not

<jfontana_> mmiller: right now hints does not need changes

<jfontana_> tim: treat hints to make response more specific

<jfontana_> bradley, hints is better than attachments.

<jfontana_> ...some make it impossible

<jfontana_> ...can have hint without platform

<jfontana_> bradley: if we are going to be telling RPs that these two things are independent so they can say all internal

<jfontana_> w3c/webauthn#2010

<jfontana_> mmiller: can ew get Mozilla to chime in and get the behavior in the spec

<jfontana_> nina: do a web platform test

<jfontana_> emil: this has a pull request

<jfontana_> w3c/webauthn#1984

<jfontana_> emil: do we need to fix for get?

<jfontana_> nina: I can take a look

<jfontana_> w3c/webauthn#1980

<jfontana_> w3c/webauthn#1979

<jfontana_> emil: still need to complete this.

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