08 January 2024


Alan, Dee, IrfanA, matatk, PaulG, S_Wood, Swood

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review, Membership & Announcements

light minutes and short meeting due to light attendance



If you're going to CSUN, let matatk know so he can help arrange a room for impromptu meetings.

Dee and Mark can't attend today

matatk: what are the main hurdles for making something happen in this area? It's often seemed like sticking points would be getting standards support but it may be implementation.
… persuading people it needs doing is the first step
… platform vendors aren't looking this direction for something that will help their work
… because of the assessment context, we're looking for author support

matatk: relative units is a technical challenge but not a big one.
… do we have any examples that explain the size of this problem?

matatk: In ADAPT, we have a similar issue with the symbols work.
… we want it to work on any page but developers push back about adding it to every page.
… so we concentrate on the pages where it makes the most difference for people so platforms like YouTube.

matatk: if we can find the "killer app" we may be able to add more support from the industry most affected (and therefore implementors)

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