Web Authentication

13 December 2023



Meeting minutes

we will meeton on the 20th

tony: come back on the 3rd



shane: seems trivial

MMmiller: I will approve.
… merge


emil: waiting review

agl: i will approve in a few minutes.

tony: no objections


tony: that looks like it can go.

mmliller: does that go to 1999?

tony: merge 2001


tony: no objections


agl: needd to rev it


agl: it is good to go

tony" no objections?

hearing none


agl: 1997 in moot

mmiller filled in 1997


shane: waiting on tim and akshary


tim: add privacy text. getting close to merge

nina: take a look at it, emil also

tony: you lthree took at it

tony: go to issues.


emil: lots of references, spell it out

tony: s oething for level 3

somethign for level 3

arnar: cred man level change

miller: from RP it looks straight forward
… likes statelessness
… wnat to take another look

Arnar: new API
… credential provider

tony: may be some differences among providers.

arnar: is user ID the critical part

arndar: yes.

bradley: should we allows Rps to delete creds?

nina: why so dangerous, does it have bug, maybe we could do a different

nina: i don't see reason not to support, should be able to do this

arnar: these are recommendations; should specify

tony: what do we need to do?

arnar: things could happen, locks, etc. there will always be inconsistency

mmiller: is this great for RP
… ?
… there is abuse that could come thi sway

mmiller: what about handing aoiut browser extentions

nina: don't think we can do any cashing
… caching idea seems dangerous.

bradley: we would need to change CTAP, could be a credential command, but that is not possible
… the one being deleted in not in the list, you don't know.

tony: is this something that works for you

shane: concept does, need to think it out
… will it help or not - not certain

tim: we would like to see this move forward"

mmiller: same for us.

tony: hearing a mixed reaction
… beneficial or not?

shane: i'm not on the negative side, agree with Tiim

bradley: questions, what kind of re-auth? how will this be processed?

tony: anyone aganst this.

bradley: I want more answers.
… it is in CTAP sepc
… before 2.2 want to make some changes?

arnar: tell people to go forward with pulls request, issues.
… ?

nina: the cred man
… I don't know what the value will be with this...

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Succeeded: s/cashing/caching/

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