04 December 2023


Dee, IrfanAli, matatk, S_Wood
Irfan Ali

Meeting minutes

IrfanAli: We've discussed several new examples recently, agreed they're useful.
… Let's update the Explainer, and re-send to the people we've had talks with at TPAC etc.

IrfanAli: This will help us summarize the info in a proper W3C standard [way]; that one document can cover all the relevant info for the stakeholders and other interested parties.


IrfanAli: Dee, Sarah - any thoughts?

IrfanAli: We're limiting our use cases in order to get some implementation going.

Dee: No additional comments to what I sent.
… Within the accessibility group that I belong to at ETS, we discussed this. The pause case is critical in assessments. Not sure how we can make a stronger argument.
… The examples we provided are things we do currently in assessments.

S_Wood: I think you hit on the most important points.

Dee: Sometimes when there's not enough pausing, various different options (e.g. B/C) sound too similar.
… There are also cases where pausing is important for understanding the content.

IrfanAli: We need to see this info publicly - e.g. on the wiki - please could you create a page with examples?

Dee: A separate page for assessment examples?

IrfanAli: Sure
… Or add it to the draft for ARIA counter-proposal.

Dee: Was thinking Paul wanted to check before publishing them anywhere.

IrfanAli: Perhaps best to create a new page, so we can have them together and review.

<IrfanAli> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki

IrfanAli: Timeline for the TF. We updated it back in 2021. We were hopeful to make progress to CR by December 2023. We need to update that timeline.

<IrfanAli> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki/Timeline

matatk: Will bring this up in APA Plan, and work with you to update it.

<IrfanAli> https://www.texthelp.com/products/speechstream/

IrfanAli: ^ texthelp SpeechStream API

matatk: One example is the quadratic equation; interesting.

Dee: I've added the examples; markup needs tweaking.

matatk: I'll fix it shortly; thanks for adding!

Dee: https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki/Assessment-Examples-for-the-Break-Tag

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