APA Weekly Teleconference

29 Nov 2023


Fazio, Fredrik, janina, Leandro, matatk, mike_begaenyi, Roy
Fazio, matatk

Meeting minutes

<janina> /join #rqtf

Agenda Review & Announcements

janina: Welcome Leandro! We are very glad to have you in the group, and on the call.


paul sent regrets

janina: Reminder that we will meet on the 20th of December (but not the 2 weeks after).

Fazio: Maturity Model TF will mirror APA's schedule.

janina: Great work there - final draft some time next year.

Compute Pressure AC Draft https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-apa/2023Nov/0012.html

matatk: accessibility considerations, API spec - affects a11y, positive effects possible, rather than harmful

matatk: RTC - use case, streaming video, decisions need to be good for a11y. Ex - high load, need to drop stream, don't drop captioned stream

matatk: pin streams that are accessible, doesn't leak personal info, just notifies system

matatk: UI needs to be accessible, graphical load info needs to be more than just color coded

matatk: High load warning, neds to be accessible alert

matatk: CFC for 1 week needs to go out. Any show stopper feredback


matatk: provide resources

How To Make Content Usable Doc

WCAG 2.1 has SC's to cover this

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to suggest RTC should first block video, but not audio on packet overload

+1 janina

accessibility features

Preserve a11y

media queries can be used

Is this an a11y issue or a common sense issue?

janina: it's sociologically a11y

matatk: cause of problem lack of packets, or CPU power?

Fazio: we need to define accessibility in the context of the spec

+1 janina

Fazio: +1 to adding the example of dropping video before audio

mike_begaenyi: +1 also

<Leandro> +1

matatk: add this new example then send out CFC

janina: RTC agent may need tweak to have video no audio

media queries

matatk: API just CPU load not network conditions, not just for video streaming

It's a compound effect

notification alert is needed

Fazio: These are effects that haven't been considered, so they should update the spec or refer to other specs that are related.

Fazio: Notifications would be needed if the video drops, as Leandro mentioned.

matatk: this spec may not be appropriate

matatk: focus on dropping video streams doesn't seem related enough

too much focus on video example, concerned we will overwhelm them

matatk: what is missing from comment?

janina: convinced that RTC comments are accurate. Compute pressure, intelligent resource management

janina: intelligent resource management is different for different examples

case and point preserve a11y resources at all costs - Fazio

=1 janina

Fazio: +1 to janina - preserve a11y

matatk: for games - 4D, mobile low power, simplify assets necessary, low resolution assets could take over - non a11y example

matatk: submit comment now, update later

Fazio: Content Usable covers some of this stuff (as does WCAG)

<Fredrik> Every AUR on the hour.

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All speakers: Fazio, janina, matatk, mike_begaenyi

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