06 November 2023


Alan, Dee, IrfanAli, matatk, PaulG

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review, Membership & Announcements

Review Use Case

<IrfanAli> PaulG: After TPAC, we started loook into the compelling use-cases

<IrfanAli> PaulG: we do have a wiki page to organize our thoughts


<IrfanAli> matatk: we discussed this in the past and got the similar roadblock for another proposal

we're working on our use cases so we can make a more compelling argument for pause/break. It must be an example that isn't satisfied by grammar/syntax and results in a differnet experience for users based on their modality

matatk: the TAG looks for an explainer in a particular format that's all about the use cases. We need the gap analysis but we might want to consider the TAG format for an explainer to help our "pitch"

Action Items

we need to work on examples that push the onus on the author and the encoding rather than the interpreting technology. For instance, when there are bulleted list items or items separated by commas, that 's encumbant on the technology to present the pause/break adequately

Dee: there are examples where we add commas and extra words in equations to make sure they are read more accurately. There are ideas about making MathML read out more accurately and provide a mechanism for the user to investigate that equation

Alan: on certain platforms it will read out the punctuation and make a real mess of it

Dee: we also find that punctation is ignored and words run together

I think if we can figure out a way to form the use case around "correct pronunciation" of an equation or formula in the "vernacular" of the author, that's probably something that will never get perfectly read out by all TTS tech because it varies too widely

Github Issues and examples

Other Business

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