Web Components API/Specs Report and Alignment

13 September 2023


Keith Cirkel, Westbrook

Meeting minutes

Howdy IRC! Is Keith in the room that coudl help make sure Zoom in connected?

Joey: Scoped Custom Element Registries still have a couple of open issues

Ryosuke: main hold back are minor details on what happens with same name in two registries and then move between trees.

<bennyp> Slot content question: would this strip whitespace by default?

<bennyp> <x-l> </xl> <- has whitespace (therefore has slotted content?) <x-l></x-l> <- no content at all

<bennyp> this gotcha can affect authors who use html formatting tools

<JustinFagnani> w3c/csswg-drafts#7922

<JustinFagnani> wicg/webcomponents issue for detecting filled slots: WICG/webcomponents#936

Ryosuke: raise /thing/ combinator at the CSS WG as a real thing or not.

ryosuke: maybe we need this as a pseudo class

justin: walks through the JS path the allows for content detection, requiring double render and blocks SSR

ryosuke: w3c/csswg-drafts#6867 seems slightly more attainable than w3c/csswg-drafts#7922 at least in terms of work

justin: separating has from desendents is likely a smaller conversation

ryosuke: agrees

ryosuke: is CSSWG is at TPAC then we should try and get this into the convo there

<JaredW_> Declarative Custom Elements ?

Justin: what DCE means could be unclear

Justin: CG could support community out reach to clarify what that means.

Justin: thinks there is interest

Justin: doesn't get to the reports because of "broken things", but collaborative interest is great to hear

ryosuke: gathering use cases is a good next step

ryosuke: XBL was some version of this, as CSS essentially declared a shadow root onto something

ryosuke: Mozilla should have some feedback on the experience of shipping (and unshipping ) XBL

ryosuke: buggest win may be the platform performance wins that a browser could bring


Justin: long road to DCE starts with DOM parts

Ryosuke: DCE includes some level of replacing something in your tree

Ryosuke: DCE could take progress even without templating

<JustinFagnani> WICG/webcomponents#1009

Justin: "non-linear" progress in this area could confuse consumers, but could be marketed correctly

Justin: looking for clarity on whether DCEv1 actually needs templating.

Ryosuke: happy to meet virtual, but feels that a process (like what's in CSSWG) is what's missing.

Ryosuke: discussion happens but conclusions are not made due to _something_...

Joey: OpenUI does this by having "resolutions" and blog posts after weekly meetings

Justin: is there a WG that we work under? or can we just make proposals to the DOM specs?

Would be good to see these things as a consumer of the CSSWG.

<JaredW_> Maybe part of this is having a clearer process of (a) is there a proposal(s) for [X] spec, and (b) what is the current status? Can the CG surface those more regularly?

James: the level is less important than the tight agreement of an implementor

Justin: do we need a WG or a process?

To group: Any one against a quarterly face to face?

Ryosuke: everyone agrees we can!

Ryosuke: do we want more structure?

Ryosuke: _probably_

Ryosuke: include resolutions in those meetings.

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