Web-based Digital Twins for Smart Cities

13 September 2023


Kaz_Ashimura, Tetsuhiko_Hirata, Kunihiko_Toumura, Ryo_Yasuoka, Hisayuki_Ohmata, Shinya_Takami, Yukio_Tomikura, Daihei_Shohama, Ege_Korkan, Hiroshi_Ota, Pablo_Coca, Juan_Quemada, Joaquin_Salvachua, David_Ezell, Osamu_Yoshiba, Minyong_Li, Daniel_Peintner, Dennis_Yip, Phil_Archer, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Joshua_Ssengonzi, Poh_Hendry, Dorthe_Arndt, Laurens_Debackere, Mahda_Noura, Andrei_Ciortea, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Michael_McCool, Masaki_Umejima, Tetsushi_Matsuda, Geun-Hyung_Kim, Hiroki_endo, Justus_Fries, Martin_Voshell, Shuji_Hirakawa, Tomoaki_Mizushima
Kazuyuki Ashimura

Meeting minutes



Summary from TPAC 2022 discussion (10 mins)
Draft Charter for a proposed IG (10 mins)
Discussion on the expectations for the proposed IG (35 mins)
Wrap-up (5 mins)


<Daihei> Kaz: opening annoucement

<Daihei> Asking all to give a short self-intro

<Daihei> Daihei Shiohama Media Do International Publishing Business Group c-chair

<nhk-ryo> Ryo Yasuoka, NHK

<hiroki_endo> Hiroki Endo NHK

<ohmata> Hisayuki_Ohmata, NHK

<shiestyle> Shinya Takami, KADOKAWA and co-chair of Publishing Maintenance WG

<Mizushima> Tomoaki Mizushima, IRI

Summary from TPAC 2022 discussion

Smart Cties Updates

Slides from TPAC 2022 breakout

Report from Smart Cities Workshop in 2021

kaz: Smart city Workshop in 2021
... then TPAC2022 breakou

... Clarified the importance of data governance, also strong need for standardization for a Web-based platform and interoperable vocabrary for that purpose

Draft Charter for a proposed IG

Draft IG Charter

<Daihei> Status of draft charter

Discussion on the expectations for the proposed IG

Draft IG Charter

Issue 17 - [charter] Define or remove "digital twins"

<McCool> (I have looked into the "definitional" issue, it's not that difficult - have not had a chance to comment on the issue).

mmcool: we can give some simple definition in the Charter
… should include it in the Charter and the IG's name

phila: agree
… if you have the definition, it's OK

<McCool> Basically a digital twin consists of a virtual model, a real entity, and a link between them - three components

<McCool> then we need to elaborate a bit on each component. right now the charter emphasizes the "link" too much (IoT devices) but not the "model" (3D model? AI predictions? State shadowing? Time series databases?)

<McCool> as mentioned by phila, people have different interpretations of the term, so we need to define it clearly and early in the doc if we use it

kaz: (transferred comments from Kasuya-san)

hirakawa: working on common data dictionary
… IEC has database of terminology
… unfortunately, existing standard is not well-defined
… so IEC is working on smart standards
… there is a WG for that
… some groups now discussing that
… CDD will be a common platform for all the ICT systems
… for interoperability purposes
… standardized terminology is essential
… it's a good way to work with WoT
… for IEC's Common Data Dictionary

matsuda: ECHONET Consortium is working on development of smart home appliances
… one of the important constituents for smart cities
… considering further collaborations

joshua: from Uganda
… smart city is important to improve QoL
… to deal with climate change, etc.
… any projects or SDOs working on smart cities?

<McCool> ... probably some UN bodies with a focus on this, and there are various "targets" that Cities are aspiring to hit

<McCool> https://unfccc.int/process-and-meetings/the-paris-agreement

kaz mentions SDOs involved so far

mmcool: probably should cite this information
… UN FCC from UN
… how to deal with energy consumption, etc.,

joshc: identify things
… getting information on air pollution
… but UI is defined by each application
… depending on geolocation now also
… difficult to handle it properly without proper geolocation information

mmcool: narrow group focus
… UI to access the data
… one of the purposes of DT is accessing data
… data accessibility should be included in the scope
… about making DT useful too

kaz: yes
… "accessibility" in general to be considered

mmcool: yeah, useful for people

phila: use case document
… identifier is important
… for various devices and sensors
… that's easy to do
… but need for automatic identification

kaz: need some mechanism for users as well
… a bit different from device identification of course, though

hirakawa: regarding environmental issues
… KC19 and SC3D are working
… some system on carbon calculation
… product-based manufacturing facilities
… CDD communicates with some kind of APIs
… with such kind of environmental data

mmcool: another question on identifier
… linked data uses URIs
… identify devices
… one thing to be added is citizen services
… need to guarantee privacy
… privacy-driven way
… need to figure out what would be the right way
… need to include more user-centric viewpoints

<phila> Phila: whispers that my session this morning was about how GS1's identifiers are increasingly encoded in URIs. Analogous organisations are doing the same. We all recognise the need to connects IDs to the Web

kaz: let's collaborate even more

<McCool> @phila you beat me to it :)

umejima: very interesting topic
… one point to be considered
… in japan, all the electric power meters are handled in IoT manner
… active or not
… how to connect Web standards with device standards is my question
… would like to work with W3C

kaz: power management should be one of the key use cases

mmcool: it includes sensing

mmcool: question about relationship among smart city, smart building, etc.
… how the flow would work together?
… request power consumption, etc.
… battery for my house and my car
… one component missing is actions
… get feedback, etc.

umejima: agree
… different mechanisms use different data models

mmcool: can we automate actual data transfer?

umejima: would like to highlight various levels of connection

mmcool: so many companies working on their own narrow silos

<McCool> one issue: how to *motivate* stakeholders to cooperate in supporting standards for data sharing? What's in it for them?

kaz: like WoT, would like to think about Web-based interconnection

<Zakim> dezell, you wanted to ask about digital twins in general

de: part of the digital twins might include garbage collection
… tracing memory trucks
… Michael talked about actions
… how IoT can be in conjuction with DT?
… would keep WoT inline
… how to standardize the mechanism?

mmcool: one critical problem will be handled by the next Charter of WoT
… the new WoT WG Charter is approved by the AC review
… smart cities is expected as promising use case
… need to handle geolocation information properly
… historical data also
… WoT focus is interoperability of Things

kaz: yeah
… thought ECHONET also working on history management and grouping
… useful for smart homes but actually useful for smart cities as well

mmcool: in-zone vs outof-zone

mmcool: DT has 3 parts
… synchronization with Things
… data model
… including simulation
… spatial data and time data

ktk: reminded me of some use case
… estimation of occupation within a bus
… another is calculation of doctors close to you
… depending on public transportation

kaz: ambulances and fire trucks as well

ktk: exactly
… capacity of day-care services too

mmcool: would figure out what "City" would like to do
… various services to be provided
… fire trucks related to emergency

kaz: reminded me of earthquakes in Japan too

mmcool: yeah
… Canada is also learning disaster management


GitHub issue for your comments

kaz: Thanks a lot for your input! We had great discussion on the expected IG during this meeting.
... please give your comments directly to the GitHub Issue too


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