Silver Task Force & Community Group

01 September 2023


Francis_Storr, garcialo, janina, jeanne, Rachael, sarahhorton, ToddL

Meeting minutes

<garcialo> ;'[p]

<Rachael> I echo Chuck's appreciation for the work that this group has done and the hope AG can build on it as we go forward.

<Rachael> I am hoping this TPAC is as successful

w3c/wcag3#2 (comment)

<janina> https://www.w3.org/participate/invited-experts/

<janina> No problem, Shawn. I eventually bookmarked, because the question of how to apply comes up so often! I also don't remember how to search my bookmarks for it, though. I did 'expert' this time.

<sarahhorton> I need to drop now, my deepest gratitude to everyone involved in Silver, especially to Shawn and Jeanne for your vision, commitment, and persistence. Looking forward to what's ahead!

w3c/wcag3#2 (comment)

<Chuck_> +1 notifications is better technical vernacular

<Rachael> +1 to staying with notifications.

Francis: in notifications is slang for grocery shopping

Todd: +1 to keeping "notifications"

<ToddL> +1 with "notifications" instead of "messages".

<Francis_Storr> +1 for notifications

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